An overview of the world of photography in 2016.

The world of photography has changed a lot in recent years, surely due to the increasing spread of devices that allow a little easier for anyone to try their hand at this art. Compact digital cameras even more cheaply, and smartphone with higher resolutions have meant that the image of the small town photo studio went gradually getting lost in favor of a new idea of ​​the photographer. In fact, it is no longer the holder of a small study in which one is engaged a little 'with everything from passport photos to photo books, but it is an independent and dynamic professional, in other words the perfect representation of the idea of ​​freelancing. In this article we will see what it looks like in 2016 the world of 2016, between crisis and new op portunities.

Within this overview does not seem to know the crisis the image of wedding photographer. This becomes clear if we think it unlikely the couple give up this kind of service. The wedding photographer is the best embodiment of the concept of freelance photographer. It moves freely, choose their customers, working in many different locations and mostly does not have a standard photographic studio. The style of wedding photographers in recent years it is still noticeably changed. They now prefer the more the wedding photojournalism style or a style that shares many features with the photo reportage style and the so-called storytelling. In both cases the result will be very candid shots when the photos are abolished, where the moments are stolen and nothing seems prepared.

Those who love the truth and ability to work "in the field" decided to pursue a reporter photos street will be known for some specialized agency.

Do not forget to nominate photographers specializing in industrial photography, portraits in studio and live events.

A separate category here are professionals who decide to sell their images on the stock image sites. These sites make available to those who want to buy the professional images for the web or for print media, the rather large databases and uniforms for professional image categories that once purchased can be freely used on the previously mentioned channels.

If versatility in the workplace generally is always a good thing, in the photographic field instead specialization is key. In fact hardly find a photographer who excels in the wedding photography that in that industry.

Whatever the specialization that characterizes a photographer will need her to do the best use of the internet to make himself known and find new customers. It will therefore be crucial to make a professional website in portfolio style that highlight the beauty of the picture, to be present on the main social networks in order to make an excellent customer care and be enrolled in the major industry portals with the aim of both find new customers to get in touch with other professionals with whom to network.